Private Policy

Contract is being offered to the client by Ad 99 INDIA for providing services against the fee subject to following terms & conditions.
• AD 99 INDIA is a proprietorship firm.
• Here in this contract the term “client” will be used for the company or entity that is availing services of the said contract from AD 99 INDIA.
• This contract is in between company and the client for providing said services against the fee which will be paid in advance by the client to avail the mentioned services in the contract.
• The performance of this contract on behalf of the company is limited up to the extent of providing said service on behalf of the client and for fees to be paid by client and no further.
• The employee of the company will only be the representative of AD 99 INDIA and not representing any other organization or search engine. However, he/she will not be authorized to guarantee any position of advertisement space on web and business.
• In case of business leads service, the refund request against the bogus lead can only be filled within 3 days from the date of specific lead shared by the company.
• The lead can be considered bogus only in case the contact number is incorrect/ invalid/ non contactable or the concerned person stated as not enquired for the service.
• Company will have the sole discretion at all time to reject the service and further does not guarantee any particular space on web for the display of the advertisement.
• Company AD 99 INDIA will share PPC campaign report on weekly basses in the PDF format.
• All correspondence to the client shall be sent to the mail and e-mail address mentioned in the contract and all correspondence to the company should be sent to the registered head office or official e-mail id of the company.
• In case of any request for the discontinuation in proceeding service/s by the client, the paid amount will not be refunded by the company. However, the discontinuation in said service by the company, the amount can be adjusted against the alternative service/s provided by company.
• In the website development case if content is pending from the client side, in that case AD 99 INDIA have authority to cancel the contact and not liable to refund money back.
• The said service/s will not be started post receiving full payment in advance.
• The company shall not be liable for any change alteration amendment of the governing law of the land rule, regulation or the policies of the search engine.
• The company shall not be liable for any matter/ dispute between advertiser and third party as result of the agreement.
• Client shall defend and hold company harmless against any liability or loss incurred due to the actor error of the client or breach of the terms & conditions contained herein.
• This contract is governed by the laws of India and all disputes regarding the contract will be subject to the local and exclusive jurisdiction of court of law.
• Contract terms & conditions will remain same while renewal of the contact.